Happy Easter Team! The best use of your fitness is to express that in enjoying life. The Rayner clan are prepping a Paleo picnic and heading to the Botanical Gardens. Going to eat, play games, run around and just enjoy life. See you at the box tomorrow morning, 8:00 am.  Matt

Kia Ora Team, Reminder there is no class tomorrow (Good Friday), or next Monday (Easter Monday).  We are still Wodding on Saturday at 8:00 am, and for those training for Bad As 6 Women’s Weightlifting Comp, see you Sunday at 9:00 am (Don’t be late) Workout of the Day – Thursday 2nd April 2015   …

Wednesday 1st April 2015   Warm Up – Animal   Strength – Alternating Sets 1a) 5×3 Pause Front Squats (3 count in the hole) 1b) 4×10 Ring Rows (If 10 UB are too easy, elevate feet)   Conditioning – Amanda 9-7-5 Muscle Up 62.5/42.5 Snatch (full)

Tuesday 31st March 2015 Warm up – Medball Cleans Conditioning – 20 Min AMRAP 400 m Run 10 Toes to bar 5 Power cleans 100/70 Maintain a conversational pace (or 150 BPM) Warm Down/Mobility – Glute Smash with lacrosse ball