Frequently Asked Questions

CrossFit Whanganui has been around for a while, so we’ve been asked lots of questions, here are some of the most common.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a programme that will make you fitter, stronger and happier, everyday.

Is CrossFit for me?

Are you looking to improve your overall health and fitness?  Do you want to get stronger or leaner? Do you want to surround yourself with other people who are already doing just that?  Are you willing to put your efforts towards achieving this? – Then YES, CrossFit Whanganui is the place that will guide you there!

Are you looking for a quick fix, pills or potions? Do you prefer to DIY your fitness?  Then we are not the best choice right now.  At CrossFit Whanganui, we believe in setting you up for long term health and fitness, not short term quick fixes.  Come and chat with us if you want to learn more about why we chose this focus.

Do I have to be fit to start CrossFit?

No, you do not have to already be fit to start.  CrossFit can be done by anyone of any fitness level.  We have experienced coaches that can help adjust any workout to suit your fitness levels.  See us for a No Sweat Intro and we will talk about what you can achieve and set you up with the best programme for you.  

I don’t want to get too bulky.  When I watch CrossFit on the internet they are all super muscly men and women.  Will I look like that if I do CrossFit?

Don’t worry, those people have worked extremely hard to get to that level, and they do that consciously.  It is very unlikely that you will accidentally get too bulky.  We will be honest, we do build strength in our gym. Which does mean more muscle too.  This is one big component of general fitness, and muscle is what makes that ‘toned’ look.  If you get to a point where you believe you are starting to gain too much muscle, just let us know and we will adjust your path.

Are you sure? Because I’ve seen some strong women with big muscles at CrossFit Whanganui, and they lift very heavy weights, I don’t think I’ll ever do that?!

Haha, well please tell them if you see them, they worked hard to get strong and are proud of it. At CrossFit Whanganui we are very much about empowering women to be stronger, but it’s not just about muscle strength or just about women.  Lifting weights is just one of the tools we use to get stronger in the body, but it also helps build strength in the mind, increasing self-confidence and mental toughness too.

But what if I do want all that muscle that the CrossFitters on the internet have? 

Great!! We can work on that too, be prepared to work hard for it, put in extra effort, eat a quality and consistent diet, and have the patience and discipline to follow through on the process.  There are no quick fixes at CrossFit Whanganui.

I don’t want to do the group classes because I think I might embarrass myself and be in last place.

I’ll tell you one thing that is special about CrossFit – those who come in last place, usually get the loudest cheers and the most support.  This is genuine too, not out of pity, because everyone who does CrossFit for long enough understands that the harder the struggle, the more rewarding the achievement is.  The environment at CrossFit Whanganui is very friendly and supportive.  Everyone is there to work on their own fitness so aren’t usually watching what anyone else is doing, and if they are watching you, it’s more than likely it’s because you’re inspiring them!! During your no sweat intro we will establish the best pathway for you, so you can feel confident, if or when, you join the group classes. We have private coaching options available too if that makes you feel better.  You can start with private coaching and stay on the private option for as long as you want.

I can’t run / lift weights / do a pull up / (insert any movement here), will I be left out?

We have experience with a very wide variety of fitness levels, so we can adjust the workout easier or harder to a progression that will be challenging but achievable for you.  In each group class there are varied levels of fitness too, so it is very common to have a class full of people all doing the same workout but it is slightly different for each individual, to suit their level.

I have had surgery/an injury on my knee/hip/shoulder etc, will this aggravate it?

We do need to know about these injuries and surgeries beforehand so that we can best adjust the workout for you. Once you are cleared for exercise by your doctor or surgeon, we recommend you have a private session where we will assess the limitations before you join a group class.  We are a strength and conditioning gym that has had years of experience with working around different surgeries and injuries, while still improving the athlete’s fitness. When you meet with us for the first time we will cover this together.

I heard that CrossFit is dangerous, I don’t want to get injured.

At CrossFit Whanganui we are in this for the long haul, we want you enjoying your fitness and health right into your old age.  So, your health and safety is a priority.  Through years of experience our coaches can guide you through good technique and form.  We recommend the best progressions for a movement to both effectively get you towards your goals and keep you safe. Sometimes the recommended best practice does change over time too, that’s why our coaches are dedicated to continuously learning, that way we are always improving our coaching services for you.

I have read some of your workouts and I can’t even understand what half the movements are?!

Once upon a time we ourselves didn’t know what these movements were either, but we learnt them, and you can learn them too.  In every class we go over the skill of the movements of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been with us for 5 years or 5 minutes, we will always go over the basics.

I could do the same workouts at another gym for a lot cheaper, why should I pay to come to CrossFit Whanganui?

We know this, and you are more than welcome to use our workouts that are published for free right HERE every week too, even using just that information you can increase your fitness.  When you join CrossFit Whanganui what we offer is much more than just a workout, or even a nice space to train with good quality equipment.  Our Coaches are very patient and caring. They are all qualified professionals and dedicate a lot of time to research and development so they are all able to offer expert advice and coaching that is applicable to you, through every workout.  Through this constant feedback you improve faster than going alone. We offer a great environment to train in.  We offer you to be a part of an awesome bunch of supportive people in our community. We offer to do the thinking for you, you just show up at your class time and we will guide you through the workout, leaving your mind space available for other areas in life. We offer to care about you and your fitness journey.

I have already done CrossFit elsewhere, can I just skip the beginner thing and jump straight into classes?

Great, if you’re familiar with most movements and the etiquette in a CrossFit Box we’d love to have you come along too. We have a ‘test out’ for you to complete so we can assess your level of knowledge in the common movements before throwing you in with a group.  Contact us for a 20 minute appointment, and come in ready to do some basic movements (empty barbell technique and squats etc). We will use this time to do a quick assessment of movements and set up your membership and give you a tour of the gym so you can fit seamlessly into our classes.  We care that you will have an understanding of what we are saying in regular classes.  The test out session is not a fitness or strength test, but is a check there is an understanding of instructions.

Ok, I get it, you will tailor the workout for me, where do I start?

Yay!! Just book in for a No Sweat Intro and we’ll have a chat in person, if you think of any more questions, write them down, bring them to your consult to make sure we don’t forget to cover it! Choose your appointment time HERE!

My question isn’t answered here?

If it’s about group classes schedule or our prices, click HERE for prices or HERE for our schedule.  If it’s neither of those, then we recommend you write it down and come in for a No Sweat Intro and we can chat in person – book an appointment HERE.